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Top 5 Money saving tips for eating a keto diet on a budget!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

So you want to start eating keto, and you are overwhelmed looking at all the expensive high quality food. Grass-fed beef, store bought bone broth, healthy mayo, pasture-raised eggs and raw cream (oh my! 😱)

I've got some tips for how I eat keto on a budget. Keeping your wallet full but your waistline slim.

I keep things as simple as I can while still keeping my meals interesting. I am a foodie after all and I don't like boring or bland 😋

Share with me your budget saving tips in the comment section below, and share this post with others who may need to save a buck on groceries!


1. Stock up on grass-fed ground beef

While grass-fed beef can get pricey, you can find some high-quality ground beef at a very reasonable price. I often find it on sale at Sprouts for as low as $4.99 a pound. Trader Joe's sells a pound for about $6 or $7. I always have a small stock of ground beef in my freezer. There are so many ways to cook and flavor this up into a delicious meal. Plus ground beef has its muscle fibers already broken down so it's easier to eat and digest, especially for those transitioning into a higher meat diet. Think of it this way, you can spend $7 at a fast food joint for a low quality burger, or $7 for some grass-fed ground beef and make 4 burgers for your family. Some ways to cook with ground beef without getting tired of it:

  • Make it into meatballs I like to make all kinds of different flavored meatballs (especially with liver hidden inside! 👏) Per 1 pound of ground beef, I add between 1/4-1/2 cup of almond flour and 1 egg to bind it. Then the fun happens with flavorings. I love fun flavor combos, so I like to keep a variety of spices handy. This is a secret to adding flavor and nutrients when on a budget too! Spices have a lot of immune boosting and antioxidant properties, therefore they add a lot of flavor without a lot of 💰. Flavor your meatballs with curry powder and turmeric for Indian inspired flavors, smoked paprika, cumin and coriander for a BBQ flavor, italian seasoning, pecorino cheese and garlic for a traditional meatball, cheddar and jalapeno, and bacon, stuff them with cheese, add spinach, sundried tomatoes and feta... as you can see, the combinations are endless!

  • Make burgers I know this is an obvious one, but you can have a lot of fun with burger toppings to keep things interesting! I love caramelized onions, on any burger. Sauteed mushrooms, arugula, yummy cheese options, any pickled vegetable for a bite, a fried egg, bacon, sliced tomato... again the possibilities are endless. Omit the bun, of course, or go for a lettuce wrap instead. I enjoy just eating them