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Primal Health Coach Certified


Health coaching programs vary in terms of scope, intensity and cost, with the Primal Health Coach program dispensing the most in-depth scientific nutrition and fitness science in a convenient online learning system.

As your certified primal health coach I will help you identify your health goals, and excel at defining customized plans and guiding you into putting those plans into action. With the continued growth of Paleo/Primal diet and lifestyle acceptance and popularity, the demand for this type of health coaching will continue to rise.


A message from Cara

I am passionate about guiding women to reach optimal health and wellness.

I help women in their 20’s and 30’s to learn how to eat nature’s most nutrient dense foods in an easy and delicious way, providing their body’s with the nutrition they need in every meal.
I show women how to get the most out of exercise, even making it a regular part of the most busy of schedules.  Max results with the the least amount of output!

With my modern spin on timeless wisdom found in ancient cultures, you will see how easy it is to thrive and get nourished in this crazy world we live in today.  With an emphasis on real foods, including high quality animal and plant foods, we can look and feel our best, and allow the body to do what it does best- heal itself.

This is why I am so excited you are here!  Whether you have weight to lose, stress to manage, or just want to feel like yourself again, I can help you gracefully reach those goals through what I like to call, nourished living.  I provide easy-to-follow guides on how to make nutrient dense food choices and lifestyle changes that will fix your metabolism, promoting optimal gene expression and allowing it to efficiently use fat for fuel.

Let me show you the way!

Work with me physically in person in Orange County, CA, or virtually from anywhere in the world!


Cara Molina
Certified Primal Health Coach


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