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"As a health coach, it is my goal to make you feel 100% supported, seen, heard and acknowledged during out entire coaching relationship."

- Cara



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Body composition
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Intermittent fasting
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Ancestral nutrition
Traditional foods

I have always had an interest in health, but a few of my personal stories and experiences ignited a deep passion for my love of real food as medicine.

I overcame my limiting belief that I could never be strong, fit and athletic since growing up I hated exercise in all forms.  I was able to go from not being able to run one mile to completing two half Iron Man triathlons.   Using food as fuel, and mindset techniques, I become someone I never thought possible.

Fast forward about five years, and my next inspiration added fuel to my passionate fire about health.  Three years into my marriage, my dear husband, Joe, was diagnosed with a sudden, and rare debilitating auto-immune disease.  This disease was so debilitating and painful, it affected his entire body from head to toe, he was bedridden, couldn't work or barely even move.  When conventional wisdom provided no answers, I took it into my own hands to use food as medicine, and in 1 year he was in complete remission!  This experience taught me so much about not only food and lifestyle choices, but also on the journey we go through emotionally and mentally from the experiences we go through in life.

Next, after Joe was healed, the year of being his caretake and the emotional stress I was under, finally hit me - and I suffered with my own health challenges that lasted for about 1 year.  I learned again, how to use food as medicine and make lifestyle changes that allowed me to finally feel like myself again.  I was diagnosed with "adrenal fatigue" - but I had so many more symptoms in addition to chronic fatigue.  Hormonal imbalances, stubborn weight gain, sleeping problems, emotional issues and skin issues - to name a few.

Having gone through my own health journey, and have deep compassion for anyone who is feeling frustrated and has tried everything to meet their goals, but without lasting results. I specialize in helping women lose stubborn weight, and get to the root cause of why their metabolism has failed them. Learn to lose the weight for good, without feeling restricted or like you are on a "diet." With my balanced and nutrient dense approach to diet and lifestyle, you will learn how easy it is to turn yourself into a fat burning machine! I love making your journey as simple, easy and enjoyable as possible.

It's one thing to drop the pounds, but even more important to optimize our health. This is where I come in. Learning from the traditional ways our ancestors achieved optimal health, and focusing on a real food diet, we can nourish our body from the inside out.

I've helped countless women achieve results they only dreamed about.
Are you next?

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