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"Every bite of food you take is an opportunity to nourish yourself"

Why work with me

"8 Easy Ways to Add More Nutrients to your Diet"

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Meet Cara


I have a passion for real foods, and helping women to create simple meals that taste delicious, please the whole family and provide the nutrients their bodies need.  A lot of us women today don't feel confident in our own skin, and I feel honored to have been able to give women the guidance they need that has created life-changing results.  These women are glowing from the inside out and are more energized and motivated than ever before.  It's my privilege to show how you can feel empowered too.


30 minutes

Let's meet and make sure I'm the right fit for you!

Book your free Discovery call with me today to find out your health goals!

Benefits of a Health Coach

Create a healthy body and mind

Learn to create an environment that promotes behavioral changes

Get max results from the least amount of work 

Learn efficient workout strategies

Nutrient Dense Real foods

Learn how to eat foods that feed your body what it needs to thrive

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What My Clients are Saying


"I highly recommend Cara as a health coach.  She is a wealth of information and always seeks to understand your individual needs and concerns.  I really loved the recipes she sent over to me, and I’ve now incorporated many of them in my daily diet.  In 6 weeks, I lost 13 pounds.  I still need to lose another 30 pounds, but now, with the tools Cara has provided me, I feel confident in my ability to manage my own weight loss.  I am deeply appreciative of her insight and encouragement."


"I just got results from my blood work and the Dr. congratulated me!  He took me off of metformin (for diabetes) and said my fatty liver has improved!  The Dr. was beside herself and  encouraged me to continue eating this way."


"21 day challenge complete!! Thank You Cara for your constant support. I've lost 8 lbs and have gained much energy. This challenge was exactly what I needed to kick start my metabolism and become fat adapted. Now I need to continue on this path to remain in nutritional ketosis. Thanks again!!!!"

Nourished  Seasonally

10 Real Food Health Coach Approved  


All recipes feature one or more of the following dietary needs: 






Refined-sugar free

Would you like to enjoy fresher, tastier and more nutritious produce?  Then eating seasonally is the answer for you!  This is why I’ve created super delicious and satisfying meals using in-season ingredients, that you will get from me every month of the year.  I’ve done all the work for you, all you get to do now is get cooking in the kitchen and enjoying these real food recipes that will satisfy your nutritional needs, budget and taste buds!


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