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21 Day 
Nourished Keto 


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With my simple and easy-to-follow 21-day Nourished Keto reset challenge, you will completely transform your metabolism in just 21 days, using nourishing keto principles, showing you how to eat keto the clean, healthy, and nourishing way.


This is a fun group challenge, where all participants start on the same day.  My 5 star review program has transformed lives and helped many to make lasting lifestyle changes.



  • 3 Week online program to help you understand and get started on a clean nourishing keto diet

  • 3 weeks (21 days) of optional meal plans with carb counts (new feature!)

  • eBook: 42-page 21-Day Nourished Keto Reset including shopping lists, food spectrums, carbohydrate amounts and everything you need to learn to get started

  • eBook: 8 Easy Ways to Add More Nutrients to your Diet

  • eBook: How to burn fat for life - Beyond the first 21 days

  • Daily Journal for accountability and to create awareness and mindfulness to food and lifestyle choices

  • Weekly meal planner and grocery list print-out sheet to set you up for success

  • Support and accountability from Cara and group motivation via an exclusive Facebook support group (post recipes, photos, share your success, ask questions)

  • Hundreds of Nourished Keto approved recipes via Cara's hand-selected recipes via Pinterest, and access to a keto recipe database

  • Daily emails with a diet, lifestyle and exercise challenge alternating with an ingredient spotlight with featured recipes

  • A total of 10 techniques are included throughout these emails, giving you access to expert coaching techniques that teach you how to make lasting behavioral changes


Become fat adapted

Improved energy
Improved digestion
Improved sleep
Improved skin
Balance blood sugar

Improved gut health


Hormonal balance
Increased nutrient stores
Better athletic performance
Improved mood
Banish cravings
Less hunger

Improved cholesterol

Benefit from the unique advantage of hiring a health coach (also known as a behavioral change agent) by learning techniques you can start applying right away to initiate real and lasting behavioral changes. 


What my clients are saying









Your privacy is our top concern. We work hard to earn and keep your trust, so we adhere to the following principles to protect your privacy:
1.) Nourished Health Coaching will never rent or sell your personally identifiable information to third parties for marketing purposes
2.) Nourished Health Coaching will never share your contact information with another user, without your consent

3.) You are free to join private Facebook community at your own consent, and are not required to share any personal information to the group unless you choose to do so.



"I just got results from my blood work and the Dr. congratulated me!  He took me off of metformin (for diabetes) and said my fatty liver has improved!  The Dr. was beside herself and  encouraged me to continue eating this way."

paleo .jpg


I haven’t held back on any healthy fats and haven’t had any gallbladder issues and my mood has improved. I haven’t needed to take any supplements for anxiety. My clothes are fitting better. And I have even been able to go 17 hours without eating and not be famished. I don't even miss the carbs! One thing I really appreciated is having your supportive and non-pushy guidance.  Thanks for helping me make this a lifestyle change!



If you know me I am the queen of breaking diets. I am known for cheating all the time, mostly when day two hits! 21 days passed and I can’t believe I actually did it! I lost 11 lbs! No doubt Cara you truly are special and care about your clients health and well being! I highly recommend the 21 day rest to all you food lovers, You gotta start now you won’t regret it! Definitely enjoyed eating real food, delicious and nutritious without feeling restricted! You’re the best Cara! Thank you !!! 

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